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Create your harmony around people, planet and prosperity.

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What do you
crave for?

Ask your nomade assistant for anything you want related to your travel or stay: experiences, activities, freebies, accommodations or transportation. Use it in conversation mode or just browsing in a traditional way, and just Drag & Drop your picks!


Each Action has a (Sustainable) Reaction

We commit 100% of fees earned on every non-subscription based transaction into eco, agro and voluntourism projects in association with United Nations UNWTO and the Sustainable Development Goals Project.

Can you imagine the impact and benefit for these communities?


Let nomade fill in the gaps

No plans for tonight? A last minute meeting cancellation?

Syncing your calendars (Google, Asana, Trello) with nomade allows you to fill your spare time with interesting experiences, relaxing activities or even unexpected suggestions!

Go the extra mile...

…nomade allows you to access to thousands of special, sponsored, tailor-made experiences for free with our optional Triple Bottom Line* 25 €/$/month subscription.

Enjoy that extra mile and join the 640 million millenials willing to improve their lifestyle.

Dare to try?

* Good for you, good for the planet, and good for our project too!


Lori Adams, Freelance Designer, Lisbon, 1 yr remote working in CLient's Office

“Being able to work remotely and travelling is the major achievement of my life”

Pierrez Gerin, Developer, Amsterdam, 6 months re-location

“Nomade doesn't let me feel confined at these special times”

Martín Rueda, Architect, Barcelona, 3 months working in client's offices

“Relationships made while travelling abroad are usually  the best ones”

Send us your e-mail and we will invite you to nomade when it launches mid 2021.


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